The Mother Hen Blog a day challenge. Day 3 (I skipped day 2 as I couldn’t think of a quote I try to live by!)

cancer zodiac signToday’s subject is:

Your zodiac sign and does it fit your personality.

My zodiac sign is Cancer. It is considered to be one of the most nurturing signs of the zodiac. I did some research before writing this post. I read a lot about the cancer sign being incredibly loyal and loving with friendships and relationships, and that they suffer deeply when things go wrong, or this isn’t reciprocated.

This is me in a nutshell! I am fiercely loyal, and would do anything for my family and close friends, however I have often been left disappointed – usually by friends, when they have done something to me that I would never have even imagined doing to them, or when they haven’t reciprocated my loyalty.

I also read a lot about cancer signs having trouble letting go because we are so sensitive. They’ve been described as suffering for a long time after an event, remembering it over and over, forgiving but not forgetting and retreating back into their “shell”

Again, this describes me pretty well! I am very sensitive and often read a lot more into a situation than there actually is. I have cut myself off from friends in the past after they have treated me badly, when I have been loyal to them. When I have felt their treatment of me to be unfair and unnecessary. I suppose that is me “retreating into my shell” of security where no-one can hurt me again.

Cancer signs are also described as having a thick outer shell, but a sensitive body underneath. They can come across as moody and hard to get to know. This is true of me. I have been told by a few people that they didn’t think I liked them when they first met me, however we have gone on to be great lifelong friends.

I was pleased to read that my perfect love match is Taurus. Which explains why hubby and I get on so well. I can honestly say we have been together for 12 years now and have never had a full-blown argument. We squabble and bicker, but have never had a proper fight or made each other really angry about anything. We’re just able to talk about things, even if we have differing opinions, we listen to each other’s side and make a decision together.

I used to be really into my horoscopes as a teenager, and would regularly read them, but I’ve kind of fallen out of that habit as I’ve gotten older. This has been a nice little research task for me tonight!

Thank you one again to Kathryn for coming up with the idea! x


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