The not-so-devoted sisters

It was a frayed afternoon in the Munchkin maker household yesterday.

The munchkins seemed to rub each other up the wrong way from the moment they got in the car after school, and it continued right through to dinner and beyond.

It appears that if Mummy isn’t sitting with them at all times, they are unable to control themselves. The minute Mummy steps away to…. I don’t know…. have a wee, it starts!

Mummy was trying to be super organised and simultaneously cook the munchkins’ dinner, pack lunch for the next day and cook a curry from scratch for her and Daddy to eat later.

“She’s taken on too much” I hear you say – and you would be absolutely right!

Mummy likes to have the radio on when she’s in the kitchen, but there was no need for that as she couldn’t hear it anyway over the the sound track of the high pitched screams coming from Munchkin no2! That and the intermittent arrival of each of them in turn to “tell” on the other!

It was a modern day miracle, but Mummy finally managed to get the munchkins’ dinner cooked and sat them down, so thought she’d concentrate on finishing the curry as they ate.

However the munchkins had other ideas and decided to take it in turns to pretend to fall off their chairs, enlisting the help of the other one, who was to run round the table to “rescue” her sister.

After going back and forth from cooking and reminding them to sit nicely and eat their dinner, Mummy turned to see them both looking at the floor, between their chairs. She followed their gaze to find half of Munchkin no2’s dinner scattered beneath them!

Both munchkins did a stint on the quiet spot before dinner was over, then mummy ushered them into the living room.

Daddy, who was upstairs trying to fit a new bath panel heard all of the commotion and stepped in with his “big voice” as mummy tried to reason with them about tidying up the living room and how much it would help her out if they just did what she asked.

Mummy finally gave up and allowed them to go on their tablets, while she ranted about how she never gets to do anything she wants to do, because she’s always either having to sit with them and act as a referee, or is cleaning and doing all the things she can’t get done during the day, when they’re in bed.

Feeling defeated, Mummy went and angry cleaned the kitchen, but later joined the munchkins in the living room, where they both promptly sat on top of her, watching their tablets and she was forced to watch an episode of “pointless” because she couldn’t move to reach the remote!! X