A positive message….

This is a slightly re-writen post from something I wrote on 1st November:
Boris’ announcement yesterday brings more unrest and uncertainty to our country, and I’m sure a lot of us are feeling dissapointed and deflated that we are having to go back a step.
Statistics show a rise in domestic violence reports and more vulnerable children are suffering from malnourishment. There have been job losses and financial difficulties for many.
But, although we face more tough times ahead, and a Christmas unlike anything we could have imagined I want you to also try to remember:

💖 We came together as a country during both lockdowns, albiet in different houses, we were united in our goal to protect the NHS and save lives – and we were successful!

💖 We spent time with our family unit/children that we wouldn’t normally have had.

💖 We did have some good times through all the shit this year has thrown at us all, and we will again.

💖 We made pictures and plaques to remind us of this time.

💖 Some of us made lifestyle changes for the better thanks to all that time at home.

💖 Some of us finally made that move to open their own businesses they’ve been longing to open.

💖 Some of us had career changes and are now helping others in the community.

💖 We already know we’ve gotten through worse, so we know we can get through this.

💖 We now have a vaccine so are closer than ever to finally getting ahead of this virus.
Of course, it hasn’t all been sunshine and rainbows, there have been some really tough times for all of us, but now more than ever I think we need to try and focus on the positives, (I know I do!) we have gotten through this once and made a difference to this damn virus and we can do it again! X


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