This way or that?

I started working as soon as I left school, right up to having children, when, unfortunately my career took a pretty steep nosedive.

I was a first line manager when I had Munchkin no1. Not long after returning to work I switched to a job closer to home. Sadly that also meant a substantial drop in pay.

When I had Munchkin no2 I returned to work again, only this time part-time, taking another drop in pay.

I’ve always worked in quite stressfull environments and my last job was certainly no exception!

Eventually it became too much and my husband suggested I give up work altogether to stay at home and look after the children until Munchkin no2 was at school. I wasn’t bringing in much of a wage, so it made sense financially that I stayed at home, freeing him up to do overtime when it was available.

It took me a long time to actually hand my notice in. I liked earning my own money and didn’t want to rely on my husband to be the sole provider.

But it worked out to be the best thing for the family all round. My husband and I always worked opposite shifts and opposite weekends to cut down on childcare, but it meant that one of us was always away working, so we were getting very little time together as a family, at one stage we were only getting one day off a month together!

2021 brings me to a crossroads. Munchkin no2 will be starting school in September which means I will be entering back into the work environment.

Hubby has suggested I look for a job in a supermarket or shop, working around school hours and part of me knows that’s a viable option.

Another part of me really wants to do something I’m passionate about and already enjoy doing.

Those of you who have followed me for a while will know that I went on some creative writing courses at the begining of the year, which really sparked my enthusiasm for writting and spurred me on to start editing previous work and continue working on a book I’d started.

I was so excited and planned to schedule time in during my child free days on Thursdays and Fridays to work on my projects.

Then covid hit and I became a home schooler, with absolutely no time for myself. My dreams and aspirations were pushed to the side and I didn’t do any of the work I’d planned to do.

I’ve still be writting most days in the form of my blog on Instagram and Facebook, which I really enjoy.

What I would really love is to have a permanent job in writing or media, but with no formal qualifications that might be difficult to secure.

I’ve started looking into apprenticeship schemes in media and jounalism, which could be a good fit as I will be earning whilst gaining qualifications.

I am mindful that since having children, although I have also worked I have become the primary care giver to the munchkins, meaning that I am first and foremost there to look after them and my worklife now has to fit around that.

Quite unfairly, my husband’s worklife hasn’t been affected since bcoming a father, however my career now has a set of restrictions in place so that I am available for the children when they need me, I.E before and after school.

I kind of feel that I’ve been on hold for the past few years, serving the needs of my family before my own, which I know is a common feeling among women after having children .

Now the time for me to return to work is approaching I feel a little overwhelmed with the potential options that are available to me, but I also feel that I shouldn’t waste this opportunity. We spend such a lot of our time at work, it makes sense to do something we really enjoy doesn’t it?

So the question that I’m sending out into the abyss is, do I settle for a job that fits in with schooling and earns me a regular wage so that I can try and persue my interests and dreams in my free time, or do I strive to make a career out of something I already enjoy doing – which may mean longer working hours and possible retraining? X


2 thoughts on “This way or that?

  1. Omg I know exactly how you feel. Such an adjustment as a mother but the fathers work roles rarely change. I’ve luckily managed to hold on to my jobs increasing them to two part time. But it’s a struggle. Plus my writing dreams are to be done in between jobs, motherhood etc too which leaves very little time as your exhausted. I would want you to follow your dreams. But getting a supermarket job might bring in the pennies and give you the mental capacity to write too. In the end go forward with confidence in what you choose. X

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